5 Tips to Younger Looking Skin

5 Tips to Younger Looking Skin


Skin care can be so complicated and confusing. We are overwhelmed with shelves that are lined up with products that promise a better and healthier skin. We are continually asked about how to take better care of our skin. We are all looking for simple and clear information. First, let’s call out the top two factors that wreak havoc on our skin, sun damage and smoking. Furthermore, when it comes to our skin, it is not what you necessarily put on it, but what you eat. A healthy diet and drinking lots of water will make our skin glow more than any cleanser or moisturizer.

The following 5 tips to younger looking skin are easy steps that can help take years off and help slow the future appearance of aging. Even though they cannot stop time, they can restore a youthful glow at any age.


Step 1 ~ Cleanser
Our skin is a living organ and it is continually rejuvenating itself and producing dead cells. Finding a gentle cleanser that removes dirt, excess oil and debris (including makeup) without stripping our skin and leaving it like the Sahara Desert is very important.
For example, if you have oily skin, avoid cleansers that have additional oils. Cleansers with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can help reduce breakouts and dry excess oil. For dry skin, try a gentler cleanser with an added moisturizer. Cleansers that are made of natural ingredients are most appropriate for people with combination and sensitive skin.

Step 2 ~ Exfoliate
By exfoliating we can remove debris and dead cells. Exfoliation will leave our skin more receptive, allowing our products to penetrate better. Use of AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) for dry, sun damaged skin or BHA (beta hydroxy acid) for oily or combination skin will fight multiple signs of aging while leaving skin smooth and even. Be gentle.

Step 3 ~ Toner
Cleaning is really a two-step process. Toner is used to remove residual impurities and dead skin from the surface. It will also help balance the skin’s pH levels and promote delivery of the active ingredients of our skin care products thereby maximizing their effects.

Step 4 ~ Moisturize
Use of moisturizer is essential step as it acts as a protective barrier for skin, keeping it hydrated and healthy. Regardless of your skin type, dry, oily or sensitive, moisturizing is an important step in skin care routine. Eliminating this step can cause redness and or flaking, and it can also allow wrinkles and other aging signs to show up earlier. Moisturizers will help in keeping your skin looking plump and hydrated.

Step 5 ~ Sun Block
Rain or shine, summer or winter. One of the best things you can do for your skin is to wear sun block every day. The first sun block mistake is not wearing any. By now, we all know spending too much time in the sun can increase our risks for skin cancer, premature skin aging, discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Additionally, new studies on the subject are finding that use of daily sunscreen can slow skin aging.
Read labels and ingredients. For sensitive skin, try one without preservatives or dyes and make sure it is fragrance free. For normal to dry or combination skin, use a lightweight sunblock it will also provide hydration. For oily skin use oil-free creams to avoid clogging up your skin.

Therapy for better skin is both preventative and restorative. The best at home skin care routine still needs periodical professional care for the maximum results.